Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous daughter whos 22 today,
wow how has that happened so fast.

Unfortunately this is the first year that she won't be spending the day with us as shes on holiday so we gave her her gifts last weekend when we visited her in Hereford.

Her main gift is for a vintage photoshoot at the custard factory in Birmingham, I think she will love this and as she's a photograph i'm sure she can pick up a few tips. Check out her website Lifes capture moments

Onto her card i made her, i just loved making this.

So first I drew out the peter pan design (excuse the coffee stain on Wendy!) , then traced over it and used that to transfer the image onto white paper.

Next I cut out the image using a lovely sharp scalpel blade, i love new blades!

Then I mounted it on some polka dot distress paper from DCWV once upon a time pad, though its hard to tell from the photo. Then I simply added it to a large square card with some washi tape and 2 gems. I rather like it and think i shall cut myself one to make into a picture.

And here's the inside, I think it can apply to everyone.

I shall have to post soon with cake pictures! Toodle  pip.

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  1. What a beautiful card and lovely photo of your and your daughter.Love the birthday present idea too and am sure she will love it! Beverley (Bubbleblitt UKS)